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Continental’s Advanced Lighting Lab is at the forefront of this lighting revolution, assisting clients, large and small, to incorporate this exciting technology into their new or existing products. We work closely with our clients to accelerate their time to market and optimize the benefits of this new lighting technology.

Continental’s unique Accelerated Product Planning Process (AP³™) starts with a thorough understanding of your product requirements and market potential. Then your product specifications are fully developed including light output, environmental requirements and product performance. A determination of the feasibility of your product and an evaluation of your market success potential is the next step. If the project is determined feasible within your price point, a detailed product development roadmap is developed including estimates for design, engineering and manufacturing.

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The intent of the AP³™ is to provide a complete overview of your product development process including costs and timing. Click here to get started with your project.

Continental’s engineers aim to make LED technology accessible to any client on a variety of products. A sampling of products that incorporate LEDs:

  • Landscape Lighting
  • Bicycle light
  • Solar light buoy
  • Police Car flashers
  • Signal Lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Theater lighting
  • Marine Buoy

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