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Concept Feasibility

Continental has over 25 years of new lightig product design and engineering experience, and has been directly involved in the Applications Engineering of every major product change in the field of lighting.

Some customers come to us with a question about LEDs; such as whether or not LEDs would improve their product or be feasible in their existing or new product. Other customers have questions about new lighting sources, such as Plasma or induction fluorescents. There are many choices in LEDs among numerous manufacturers. It can be a daunting task to select the best LED for an application. For these customers we can perform a simple consultation or a full Product Feasibility Checklist, which fully outlines the product development process for their product. This step is customized to the project and the needs of our customer.

Feasibility Checklist

A recommended starting point for a new product is the Continental Product Feasibility Checklist, that establishes the basic functions of the new lighting product, clarifies the environment it must operate in and identifies the tests, certifications and legal requirements. The Continental Feasibility Checklist also serves a useful reference tool for the design strategy to be taken at the early stages of product development. At the completion of the Feasibility Study, the customer will have a good understanding of the product specifications, the product development timing and costs as well as an idea of the manufacturing cost of the product in different volumes. The Feasibility Study will also incorporate market data, concept renderings and give the customer a good idea of the likelihood of market success of the product.

Computer-Aided-Design (CAD)

Concept design sketches move to the Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) area for the creation of accurate 3 dimensional solid models of a new design concept. Different parts of the “napkin sketch” design are detailed and developed by the experienced CAD Designers at Continental for prototyping and testing. A CAD drawing is an electronic file that can be transferred over the Internet or put on a memory stick for use by mold makers, metal stamping suppliers or any of the suppliers needed in the production of the design. Different models can be created by prototype model shops from the CAD drawings depending on the budget, timing or test requirements.

CAD Drawings of Spotlight
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