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Product Development Engineering Services

Lighting products using LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology require an understanding of multiple engineering disciplines. In a typical LED lighting fixture, there are six sub-systems needed to complete a lighting design.

The Sub-Systems are:

  1. Controller/Driver Electronics: designing the electronics to optimize the light output and life of the LED
  2. Light Sources: selecting the right LED for the product
  3. Optics: directing the light where it is needed and nowhere else
  4. Packaging: Designing the housing and other components of the finished product
  5. Power Source: designing the product to work with the power source, be it on-grid or off-grid. A subset of this system is understanding how to integrate the product with photovoltaics (solar panels) and batteries
  6. Thermal Management: managing the heat generated by the LED

The sub-systems must integrate seamlessly in order to optimize both performance and cost of the fixture and to meet the objectives of the customer.

Many companies, as they approach an LED project find that they do not have all of the necessary engineering skills internally. Continental maintains the necessary resources to complete a turn-key product development assignment or support individual aspects of a project.

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