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Packaging / Housing

Size, weight, and environmental considerations play an important part in a successful light fixture design. The housing for a light fixture serves two purposes; efficient integration of all sub-systems into a complete product (function) and aesthetics (form).

Due to the electronics involved, special consideration requires designing a fixture capable of withstanding harsh environments. Ambient and internal fixture temperatures, vibration and moisture are primary concerns. Other considerations include designing the fixture to withstand outdoor conditions such as rain, grey water irrigation, extreme heat and sunlight.

Some fixtures must be able to withstand complete submersion in water and still function. Utilizing the correct materials and adhesives are key to developing a fixture that will last in these conditions.

Continental has its roots in automotive applications where environmental packaging of lighting fixtures can be most severe and includes its knowledge and skills in this area in every assignment. This knowledge includes plastics, UV coating, weatherproofing, adhesives, seals and other materials.

Along with designing a fixture that is robust, it is equally important that it is aesthetic and thus attractive to its target market. Continental engineers keep in mind the needs and wants of the customer throughout the fixture design process.

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