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Prototyping, Testing and Production

Continental has the tools and resources to provide a “virtual prototype” through its software systems before any funds are expended on prototype development. Design simulation software allows for rapid adjustments to individual product sub-systems to meet changes in design criteria through the entire product development process.

Total product development costs can be reduced significantly by eliminating many potential changes before expensive tooling and fabrication of prototypes occur. Continental's Advanced Lighting laboratory has the capabilities to test and evaluate prototypes to meet customer performance standards.

Once the design is complete and validated by a virtual prototype, it is usually necessary to create one or more prototypes. Continental works with local shops who can create one or many prototypes at reasonable costs.


Depending on the end use of the product, several tests may be required to validate the design and prevent product failures in the field later. Continental’s engineers will specify the tests and develop test procedures as necessary. Often preliminary tests will be performed in our Advanced Lighting Lab. Once the fixture passes our tests, we will send it to a certified lab for more extensive testing.

For any commercial product, the Department of Energy and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) recommends the LM-79-08 test.

A New Test Procedure: LM-79-08

The lighting industry looks to the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) for lighting measurement test procedures. These test procedures are designated "LM" for lighting measurement, followed by an ordinal number, and the year of adoption or revision. They are developed by the IES Testing Procedures Committee, whose members include representatives of industry, research institutions, and testing laboratories. The LM – 79 test is a test performed by an independent, certified lab that measures LED light fixtures to ensure they meet the product specifications claimed by the manufacturer.


When a product design is released for production, Continental provides all of the necessary documentation to the customer for a successful transition. Since Continental maintains a contract manufacturing operation, it can transition the lighting product to its operation for production cost estimation.

Continental maintains global supply sources and internal manufacturing expertise to meet most any customer requirement.