Decorative incandescent lamps: types, characteristics and applications

decorative light bulbs

Electric light can be used strictly for functional purposes or create with the help of vintage elements spectacular lighting that will literally transform the interior of the room. More and more often in interior design solutions use Edison lamps in the interior with interestingly curved filaments, which are placed in a shaped glass.

The main characteristics of lighting elements

Invented the first incandescent lamps in several countries at once, over the form and filling of the light elements worked scientists and engineers. But it was the development of American inventor Thomas Edison acquired worldwide fame and gave the outlines of modern incandescent lamps. Now these light sources are used to create warm lighting in vintage, loft and retro styles.

Decorative lamps have acquired interesting outline of the bulb, intricately curved spiral and clearly mimic the vintage elements of Edison. Design features of designer products:

  • The light source is a tungsten filament. It gives warm lighting, gives the room a cozy atmosphere, and contains no mercury components.
  • Most manufacturers make designer lamps for the standard socket E26, but there are instances of the socket E11 and E17.
  • Incandescent lamp in a retro-style normally operates at a nominal voltage of 110V.
  • The service life of decorative lamps with tungsten filament varies in the range of 2500-3500 hours, but no more.
  • The color temperature is characterized by a value of 2700 K. This corresponds to a warm yellow or white glow spectrum.
  • Decorative light bulb has a power of 25 to 100 watts.

Many manufacturers produce beautiful retro lamps, with which you can organize an attractive soft lighting in a living room, a stylish cafe, a cozy restaurant, a hotel lobby. The shape of glass bulbs and the number of filaments may differ depending on the manufacturing company, but all products have a common type of design and characteristics. There are samples in which the bulb is placed up to twenty filaments at the same time. They give very beautiful light.

Versions of shape lamps

Modern retro light bulbs are produced in three main directions depending on the source of light. The products are made according to the latest technology and comply with safety standards.

What are the lamps by light source:

  • With tungsten filament. These products most closely replicate the first model, which in its time was developed by the inventor Thomas Edison. Several tungsten filaments are fixed in a glass bulb in a special way. Figured glass with fanciful outlines is effective to use in a fancy chandelier, screwed into stylish lamps, floor lamps and sconces. Orange shimmering light of the warm spectrum gives a special appeal to the lamp. It is he who sets the tone of a cozy atmosphere in the room.
  • In addition to tungsten light sources, manufacturers use sapphire emitters with long life and high optical characteristics in modern lighting elements. Vintage Edison lamps with a sapphire emitter give a uniform light of higher intensity than a tungsten filament. With the same power consumption, the light from a sapphire lamp is brighter. The vintage bulb comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • In a traditional glass bulb and a standard socket, LED retro lamps are available. They use strands of individual LED crystals in a fancy shape. When a voltage is applied to microscopic elements, an imitation of retro Edison lamps is created. The main feature is that the light can be warm and cold. A control chip is built into the base and the light from the filaments is emitted to one side. The number of filaments can be different. Thanks to the Edison LED lamp, electricity is economically consumed, and the glass bulb does not overheat.

Stylish transparent light fixtures with incandescent bulbs look impressive. Through the crystal clear glass, the intricately “stacked” incandescent filament shines through. This creates a pleasant effect of soft unobtrusive lighting. A vintage style chandelier with incandescent bulbs, complete with transparent plafonds and silk wiring cords, looks especially impressive.

decorative light bulbs

Filament arrangement

Modern Edison lamps compete with economical light sources because of their unique design. They can be used as standalone lighting elements or to decorate fixtures. A retro lamp in a wall sconce looks spectacular, and a chandelier with such details will play with new colors. Much depends on the number of strands and how they are arranged. The most popular forms of tungsten filaments:

  • spiral;
  • sheet;
  • herringbone;
  • hinge;
  • cage;
  • hairpin.

The thread is clearly visible through the glass flask, which can also be given an unusual shape. Flask design can repeat the outline of a candle, cylinder, ball, tube or have an even more complex configuration. Use decorative lamps can be in different styles and rooms. They beautifully emphasize the non-standard environment of the kitchen and corridor, hall and lobby, restaurant lounge and bar room. There are many options for using the lamps, but also the interior style should match the design of the products.

How retro lamps look in a modern interior

The value of incandescent lamps, imitating the invention of Thomas Edison, lies in the design. It is both simple and bright, looks good in different styles of interiors, gives the situation a touch of antiquity, but without pathos and excessive pretentiousness. Where to use a lamp Edison in a modern interior?

Loft Style

Fashionable interior direction with an open room layout and industrial design. In such a room organically combines rough brickwork with floor beams or pipes of communications. In the interior composition of loft chandelier with retro incandescent lamps will play the role of the main fiddle and focus attention on the exclusive from yellow to orange color lighting. Complement the interior can light fixtures with lampshades made of metal mesh. In the loft style, rough, but original solutions are allowed.

Vintage era

The peculiarity of rooms in this format is a large number of antique objects and decorative elements. Lighting plays a significant role in the design of rooms in the vintage style. Retro chandelier, composed of several incandescent lamps, will help to emphasize the unconventionality of the environment. The form of bulbs in the form of a candle in the wind or a twisted candle will be a spectacular decoration of the stucco ceiling, and the soft light will advantageously emphasize the furniture of a past era with carved legs. Retro-lamps look actual against a background of deliberately shabby and faded upholstery of upholstered furniture.

decorative light bulbs

Brutal steampunk style

This design focuses on historical details in the decoration. Victorian-era furniture, patinated surfaces in brown tones from amber to stained oak are typical steampunk features. Organically fit into the interior chandelier with decorative incandescent lamps or metal lamps. On the background of geographical maps, decorative gears, tables, extravagances of scientific thought in the design of the interior lamps will look winning and set the right mood.

Outrageous and everything denying kitsch

It is in this style that you can disregard the rules, mix colors, combine the incongruous. Kitsch is a challenge to the framework, harmony, and in general any rules. Against the background of motley paintings, toxic colored wallpaper and gilded angels table lamp Edison will look quite appropriate. A garland or a bundle of incandescent lamps can give the ambience the carelessness necessary for the style and at the same time softly illuminate a cozy sitting area.

To get a comfortable environment, you need to get the lighting right. And to make the room unusual, you should use original light sources. Designer light bulbs are good at conveying atmosphere, style and mood, so they are widely used to decorate interiors in the appropriate style.