Lighting in the bedroom

lighting in the bedroom

Bedroom is a place of rest, it is the main function of the room and therefore the most important requirement to it – it should be comfortable and cozy. For the creation of such an environment is not the least responsible lighting. Proper lighting is the key to a restful sleep and a serene rest.

The choice of concept

In modern interior design, there are two types of lighting concepts. These are European and American. Let’s dwell on them in a little more detail.

To plan the lighting according to the European type – means to pay tribute to tradition. This approach requires the obligatory presence of the ceiling fixture, which gives a soft diffused light to the entire room. General lighting is supplemented by local floor lamps, wall lamps, and table lamps that create accents of light and perform a decorative function. This lighting concept is very familiar and still popular.

The American type of lighting consists of a lack of general lighting and a large number of local lighting fixtures with a differently directed flow of light. This method of lighting can accentuate the main areas and zoning the space, and also has a decorative function. This approach is more suitable for the bedroom, allows you to create a secluded area for reading and rest. In terms of energy consumption, the American concept is more economical, because you will use light only where it is really needed.

When choosing one or the other lighting concept, you need to consider the sides of the light, the presence of windows in the bedroom and therefore the natural light and the location of the bedroom in relation to other rooms in the apartment. The general requirement for lighting in the bedroom is that it must be comfortable, sufficient and not bright.

Types of lighting

  • Floor lamps
  • Chandeliers
  • Lighting

Lighting in any room, not only in the bedroom, can be divided into four groups: general, local, accent, decorative. A competent approach to lighting the bedroom means creating a preliminary project that provides:

  • the size of the room;
  • the placement of light sources;
  • electrical wiring (switches, sockets, dimmers);
  • power of electrical equipment, types of lamps;
  • the orientation of the flow of light in accordance with the requirements of the design.

You have created a light picture of your bedroom, now you can begin to translate it into practice.

General lighting

It performs ceiling lamp or chandelier. In the bedroom, you can do without it if you only sleep there. But more often other things like changing clothes, folding clothes, cleaning and making beds are done here. Soft diffused general light is very suitable for these activities. It remains to decide on its source: it will be a ceiling lamp or a chandelier. Ceiling lamp, closed by a plafond, is better suited for:

  • rooms with a low ceiling;
  • small bedroom;
  • room decorated in a modern, minimalist, loft or Japanese style.

The plafond covering the bulbs can be transparent or frosted. A lamp with a frosted plafond gives a more diffused light, while a transparent one gives a brighter light. Depending on your needs in the bedroom, both may be in demand. 

Another option for general lighting is a chandelier. It is also a great decorative detail, as it is sure to draw attention to itself. You can hang a chandelier in the bedroom if:

  • the height of the ceilings is more than 2 m, otherwise it will press its size;
  • in a small bedroom hang a small chandelier with a diameter of not more than 1.2 m;
  • you decorate your bedroom in a classic, rustic style, any other style that wants to pay tribute to tradition, to add an element of romance.

A chandelier in the bedroom should radiate soft light. So choose a version with closed lamps or with horns pointing upwards. And that’s where our store is ready to help.

Local lighting

Local lighting in the bedroom can be represented by all kinds of sconces, floor lamps, table lamps. The advantage of local lights is their mobility: you can attach and install them exactly where you need. They emit soft light and can create a cozy intimate atmosphere in the room, ideal for a good rest.

The variety of models and varieties is pleasing to the eye. First of all, these are sconces. Wall lights are hung above the bed, providing a comfortable seating area and an opportunity to read before going to bed. Consider the following when choosing a wall sconce for your bedroom:

  • Choose a light fixture with moderate light so it doesn’t glare.
  • Models with movable arms are the best choice if you like to read before bedtime.
  • Try to place the light switch so you can reach it without getting out of bed.
  • Choose wall lamps with opaque lampshades to avoid glare.

A floor lamp in the bedroom can replace both sconces and a table lamp, you can put it where you need it at the moment. If you are not only resting in the bedroom, but also working, a floor lamp can illuminate the work area. A floor lamp adds coziness, emphasizes a separate area. Just like other lighting fixtures, it performs a practical and decorative function. When choosing a floor lamp, decide which one is more important to you. Hence the variety of types:

  • Traditional – characterized by austere forms and lack of shiny and bright details. The lampshade in the form of a truncated cone on a thin long leg.
  • Floor lamp with a table – performs an additional load. The table top is located in the lower part of the floor lamp under the lampshade and can have any shape. You can put a remote control, a phone or a cup of coffee on it. Excellent space saver, so it is especially relevant for a small bedroom.
  • A floor lamp with a shelf perfectly replaces a nightstand. There can be several shelves, closed and open, and they are quite suitable for storing all kinds of things.
  • Floor lamp-nights emit dim light. Their task is not to interfere with a restful sleep, but to create sufficient visibility in the sleeping area. The main function of such floor lamps is decorative.
  • Floor lamp around the room, remember that it must be accessible to the power source everywhere. An extension cord or properly located outlets will successfully solve this problem.

Table lamps are installed on bedside tables, if any. Their task is the same as that of other lamps: they will highlight the area of rest, if you like to read in bed, create additional lighting for beauty treatments, if your nightstand is also a dressing table. The variety of types and forms of this device allows you to pick up a lamp for any style, our store is to help you. Buying a desk lamp, keep in mind:

  • It should not exceed the size of the table.
  • For reading choose not a high model, so the light falls on the book, not in the eyes.
  • A light switch should be within reach so you don’t have to reach for it.
  • Dimmer models can help you control the intensity of the light.

All kinds of lamps in the bedroom should sound a single ensemble and match the overall style of the room.

A few words about another trend in local lighting – pendant lights. They successfully replace sconces and table lamps, but they are not suitable for all cases.

The ceilings should be high enough, not less than 2 m.

Place them near the head of the bed.

Cover the lamps with opaque lampshades so that the light is not too bright.

Do not forget about the style of the room: not everywhere pendants will come in handy.

So I guess this is the end of our look at local lighting.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is what it is called, and it puts accents where they are needed. It is close in function to local lighting, but adds a decorative touch to your surroundings. Where you can put accents:

  • By the mirror. A mirror is a must in the bedroom if it serves as your dressing room at the same time. It helps to tidy up after sleeping. You can illuminate the mirror with sconces located on both sides or use built-in lighting.
  • By the closet. The closet is often an invariable accessory of the bedroom furnishings. It is necessary for storing clothes and bedding. You will be much more comfortable to use the closet and find everything you need in it if it is additionally illuminated. And here it is best to use a model with built-in lighting, which turns on automatically when you open the doors.
  • Near the workplace. Due to the lack of space, the bedroom often serves as an office – here you can retreat in silence with your laptop and work. If you install a desk in the bedroom, it will require a desk lamp. It should provide enough light, but not blind the eyes, as the main requirement here is to save eyesight.

The right arrangement of light accents will make the environment more comfortable and functional.

lighting in the bedroom

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is mainly designed to decorate the room, visually expand the space, set accents and create the right atmosphere. It can be presented as:

  • Suspended multilevel ceiling can be visually raised with the help of spot lighting. An interesting option would be multicolored lighting.
  • If the bed is located on an elevation, then decorative podium lighting will create the illusion of it floating in the air – a non-trivial design move.
  • Decorative niche lighting, sculptures or paintings, which in this case can play a special role in the bedroom interior.
  • Nightlights – well known to us devices perfectly perform exactly the decorative function, and their variety today is so great that they can become an independent decoration of the interior.

In all these cases, you can use different types of lamps – these are the usual incandescent, LED, energy-saving, neon, finally, fluorescent. The cheapest – incandescent bulbs – long familiar, emitting warm light, so suitable for the bedroom. However, they are not economical, they absorb a lot of energy and have a limited lifespan.

Fluorescent are more economical and long-lasting. Choose bulbs with a warm white emission for the bedroom to create a cozy atmosphere there.

Halogen bulbs can be used for both general and local lighting because they provide both diffused and directional light. They can illuminate the bedroom with cool or warm light, depending on its location and the style chosen.

That’s the style variety of lighting we’ll talk about next.

Lighting in Different Styles

Let’s start with the timelessly modern classics. For this style will suit a massive chandelier as a source of general light, luxuriously decorated, with bulbs imitating lit candles. The chandelier plays a central role. To match it should be the rest of the fixtures – wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps. The light is preferably warm, good old incandescent lamps.

Loft style – this is for brave souls who like experiments. Fixtures in an industrial style, constructivist forms. A chandelier would not fit here, hang a regular ceiling lamp. Also pendants, which are fashionable today, would be good. LEDs or fluorescent light would be more suitable here. The loft style bedroom should be well lit.

Minimalism likes spot lights, or lamps on a long wire without any decorative excesses. The light can be cool if the room is on the sunny side and there is a lot of natural light, or warm if the bedroom is in the shade.

High-tech likes geometric shapes, metal, plastic and glass. The light fixtures should be modern, incandescent bulbs will not go here. It’s either LEDs, or halogen and neon lamps. Cool light is preferable, the most extravagant lighting solutions are allowed.

Country style, Provence, rustic style like textile, so the lamps with fabric lampshades will be very appropriate. Look good lamps with wrought iron elements. Choose lamps with warm lighting.

About the style of lighting can write a lot more, and this topic deserves its own article. In conclusion, we say that the style of the bedroom, and the intensity of the lighting, should match your idea of an ideal rest. So, feel free to sleep well and have a good night’s sleep.