The use of sunlight in the interior. The role of natural light in interiors

natural light

Try closing your eyes for a few minutes and you will realize how important light plays in our lives. In the dark, we turn into “blind kittens” who can do nothing on their own.

Yet we still physiologically need sunlight, just like any other living creature. Light can affect our mood. For example, when the sun is shining, we want to smile and rejoice, and when it’s raining, we often want to sleep. It’s the same with artificial light. One light is good for work and one is good for rest, but we’ll talk about artificial light in the next article. And in this one, I’m going to tell you how natural light affects us and in what areas it is best to use it in the interior.

Natural light in interior design

Insolation is the irradiation of the surface by sunlight. This irradiation is very important for humans.

In terms of hygiene, sunlight disinfects the room. Also they have a very positive effect on human health: they mobilize the nervous system, influence the release of vitamin D, regulate biological rhythms, and much more.

For the same reasons, the building regulations stipulate that the apartment must be able to receive sunlight for several hours a day.

natural light

What is the best way to arrange rooms and zones according to natural light?

Well, first of all, natural light should enter every room where a person spends time. If possible, even in the corridors and toilets. Plus it also saves a lot of energy.

What to do if you want to make two rooms, and the window is one?

A glass partition will help. And to make the space private, you can hang a curtain on it.

The sleeping room should be located in the south-east, so the sun woke you up every morning and gave you a charge of energy for the whole day. Think about how nice it is to wake up, basking in the sunlight. But remember that in summer it may not let you get enough sleep, so be sure to provide curtains with full blackout or blinds.

The desk, the make-up table is better placed near the window, ideally to the left (if you are right-handed) or in front of the window, so that your hand does not give you shade when you write or paint. The same goes for the ironing area.

It is better not to put the TV in front of the window, because during the day it will give glare. If you want to make a home theater, you need to provide a full blackout in the room.

Washing by the window is a great option, because everything is clearly visible and it is much more interesting for housewives to wash dishes, looking out the window.

If a person is visually impaired, the more daylight, the better it is. He will be able to see things clearly, and his vision will not be damaged.

Also, light colored walls reflect light better, which is why people in northern countries like light colors so much. For more details on how to place the room by the sides of the world, see the picture below.

But you must remember that in the summer on the sunny side of the room can turn into an oven. Therefore, it is necessary to provide air conditioning, blinds, tulle or curtains to avoid overheating.